From Outer Space

So hi. I’m reactivating this blog.

Hope all you crazy kids RSSed this, or I’m blogging to dead air.

A change:
I’m no longer going by Rik. I mostly came out with that because I couldn’t think of anything else at the time, and it was a shortening of another internet handle I go by.
I shall henceforth (henceforth!) be known as Trilby. Because it’s a literary reference, and I thought that maybe if I used a literary reference I would seem smarter to all of you on the internet. Also it just sounds perky. And it’s a pretty snazzy hat.

The reference is to the book entitled Trilby, which is a book that is ostensibly about a lady, named Trilby, who is seduced and destroyed by an eeeviiilll hypnotist (in actuality it is about three guys who are British and living in Paris and THEY LOVE ART OH HOW THEY LOVE IT which was a disappointment, but I digress).

I’ve also decided I sort of want the aim of this to be more of my personal musings on BDSM and sexuality and my own experiences with both subjects, and not strictly about hypnosis and hypnofetishism. But hey, hypnosis is still my most favorite thing ever, so there will still be plenty of that.

I’m still in New York. I’m still alive. Still kinky as hell.

This is a clearing the cobwebs post. Hello again, everyone.


1 Response to “From Outer Space”

  1. 1 story_in_progress December 20, 2009 at 12:26 am

    The air is not so much dead as laggy.

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