In defense of Bimboification

Armchair self-psychoanalyzing ahead. It’s 3:18 AM.

So the subject of bimboification has been coming up in conversation recently with members of my kinky social group. We often spend time making fun of what we think of as ridiculous fetishes: infantilism, furries, Gor (oh my god Gor), etc. And then someone brought up how ridiculous bimboification is.

Simply put: bimboification is the process of turning a bottom or a submissive in a D/s relationship into a bimbo. A girl who’s vapid. Stupid. Giggly. An airhead. A slut.

Now when this was put under the scorn of my friends, I cringed a little. “Oh no,” I thought. “That’s… that’s sort of what I’m into.”

Sort of. Not quite. But almost.

On a personal level, the idea of “bimbo” doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t really want to giggle, I’m extremely satisfied with my moderately sized tits, I would look awful as a blonde.
But being made to be stupid and slutty? Oh dear god, that’s just fantastic.

I think “sex zombie” is a better term.

I’m always interested in the psychological significance of kinks. I haven’t really gotten into why I’m super into hypnosis on this blog yet, but I have a lot of ideas. And I’ve definitely thought about this particular one. Why does the idea of having my brain wiped away get me so hot?

On one hand, it’s definitely an objectification thing. In the right context (with a respectful partner, or a whole roomful of people I know and trust), I adore being objectified sexually. It’s terribly validating. I was a late bloomer sexually, and didn’t really come into my own until I hit college. I was a huge nerd in high school with the usual set of self-esteem and body-image issues that plague girls at that age. Getting attention as a sexual object is gratifying in that it assures me that I am sexual and I am desirable on a very basic level.

What gets me about bimboification (or sexzombieification or whatever), however, is the intelligence thing. Being a big ol’ nerd led me in the past to cultivate confidence in my mind over my body. Sure, I wasn’t dating the high school quarterback (or anyone), but hey, I was smarter than those stupid blonde bitches who made fun of me, right? And that’s what counted, right?
I’m a smart person. I KNOW I’m a smart person. I’m proud of my intelligence almost to a fault, but having my mind wiped by hypnosis is intensely satisfying because then I don’t have to try. I don’t have to prove myself as a worthwhile person. I’m a sexual object and nothing more, and it’s terribly thrilling. To be asked simple questions and not know the answer, and to be driven mad by desire at the same time? It gives me a freedom that I can’t achieve in my normal state of mind.

So I understand the blonde, giggly, doll thing. Like my affinity for swinging watches and spirals, it’s just another set of symbols that go with the fetish. And symbols carry a lot of power.


2 Responses to “In defense of Bimboification”

  1. 1 k July 20, 2009 at 12:42 am

    I can totally relate to this. Although I’m not really into hypnosis, I feel like you are hitting the essence of sexual objectification here, and what makes it HOT. I don’t think that being a “late bloomer” is necessarily linked with that wonderful feeling of being a sexually desirable object either! To be used without being asked, to have your thoughts and opinions disregarded, and to have your worth be measured by the size and quantity of your orifices, such is the erotic delight of objectification/bimboification! Own it and cherish it!

    Ah, to be used.

  2. 2 StacyCat July 20, 2009 at 4:56 pm

    Hey, I came across this article, and thought you would enjoy it.

    It talks about studies that were done to see if one could commit criminal acts under hypnosis 🙂

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