Kicking and Screaming all the Way

(This is my first attempt ever at writing anything vaguely erotic. This is also a true thing that I did last week. Hooray!)

The wonderful and weird thing about hypnosis is how much your thoughts create your experience.

How pefect for me, then, that I think about it quite a bit.

I was under and already achingly horny. Granted, that’s not hard to do, all it takes is an induction, but he helped it along quite a bit by telling me how aroused I was getting. So there I was, eyes closed, head spinning in that lovely way I get in trance, and dripping wet. And here he set a trigger.

“You want to play with yourself right now, don’t you?”

I nodded and squirmed. I don’t like to speak much while in trance.

“So when I touch your face and say ‘show me’, that’s exactly what you’re going to do. You’re going to need to masturbate until you come.” And he did. And I did what I had to do, and it was wonderful.

The evening progressed as it did, eventually leaving me out of trance with my wrists restrained to the bed. He stood over me and grinned. Then he grabbed my chin.

“Show me.”

It should be noted at this point, that this was something I had asked for a while before. I’m extremely good at recieving triggers, and I tend to take them very strongly, and I’d always wondered what would happen if I were unwillingly kept from obeying. I fantasized about it often, imagining myself restrained, then being hypnotically forced over and over to do something I just couldn’t do. It pretty much went exactly as I’d thought about.

I kicked, I screamed, I bucked. I pulled at the restraints, and tried to wriggle out of them in any way I could. My back arched, I moand and begged and pleaded with him to set me free, and he just laughed and kept telling me to show him over and over and over, and I couldn’t stop pulling and kicking out across the bed and my pussy was on fire and it hurt. It wasn’t a literal hurt, but a sharp, inner burning that was consuming my mind. I couldn’t think, I only wanted the pain to stop and I wanted my hands free and in the back of my brain there was that little voice going  “yes, yes, yes, yes, YES”.

And, of course, this was exactly how I saw it going in all those fantasies I’d had before.

Since then, I’ve wondered what would happen if I hadn’t thought about it so much. If I hadn’t imagined the way I would have writhed and strained in my erotic hypotheticals, would it have gone like that in real life? Possibly the trigger would have just cancelled, and nothing at all would have happened. Real life hypnosis (as opposed to the mind control you see in movies and cartoons) sort of provides the subject with a weird paradox: the experience feels involuntary, but really it’s created entirely in their own mind. Or does the experience only feel involuntary because I want it to? This erotic adventure has become rather contemplative. Bet you weren’t expecting discussion questions! Ha!

After a while he took pity on me, let me go, and my hands flew to my pussy and oh god did I ever come.

So I’m pretty satisfied with the way it worked out. It was an experiment to be sure (next time I want to try an experiment, I should definitely ask him to wear a lab coat and goggles), and I’m glad it turned out as it did. The rough way is so much more fun.


1 Response to “Kicking and Screaming all the Way”

  1. 1 Fantasia June 30, 2009 at 10:38 pm

    That’s a first?? well done!!! interesting angle.

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